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Kahn: Like We Used To (Punch Drunk)

Another weird little future garage 12" from Punch Drunk. The A-side revolves around cut-up vocal samples, sounding vaguely like Nicolette but so disembodied and chopped up that it’s hard to tell who’s singing. It’s mostly final bits of words and sounds with breaths punctuating them. all set to a swinging halfbeat — but wait, what’s this? We’re treated to an arpeggiated melody that kicks in halfway through that’s a nice change. It’s a really strong track, comparable to the hot Bass Clef 12" that came out this summer on the label. “Helter Skelter” is a nice companion, with its crazy chords that flit about, but the A-side is the main attraction and standout.

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Kahn ‘Like We Used To’ (Punch Drunk Records) by Punch Drunk Records