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Kolombo: Waiting For (Kompakt)

Kolombo is the solo project of Olivier GrĂ©goire, who’s also worked as half of the offbeat electronic duo Mugwump on Kompakt. This is his first solo release for the label, but he has literally dozens of records under his belt going back several years now. It’s no surprise that Michael Mayer picked this one up for Kompakt Pop, the offshoot of Kompakt that focuses on a single and pairs it with a remix usually from Mayer himself. Kolombo’s original is a gorgeous melancholic disco track, with a nice chunky groove and a patient arc as it evolves around a swirling vocal hook (“Something special, something pure”). The other original is “Rescue Me,” an instrumental space disco track that borrows from Italo and “Do You Wanna Funk”-era Giorgio Moroder. But the main attraction here for DJs and listeners alike is probably Michael Mayer’s take on “Waiting For,” wherein he bumps the tempo significantly faster to make it more tech-mix friendly. Despite being a clip faster, it’s subtle, taking its time to get to the main hook. When it finally comes through more clearly (five full minutes into the mix) it’s very satisfying, all of its parts coming together with the tone of the original. For strictly home listening, I prefer the original title cut, but it’s a tad too slow to have appeal on a dancefloor, so the single does a good job of covering all bases.

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