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Redshape: Future Shock (Delsin)

Nice DJ tools from German producer Sebastian Kramer, three cuts of solid four-to-the-floor tech house. The title cut has a nice rolling 808 drum pattern and a constant bass hum throughout alongside cascading synth patterns. Some bongos and hand drums spruce up the mix, and at 8:45 it’s an extended workout for the dancefloor. “Kung Fu” is a bit punchier (no pun intended) but shares the same style of rolling patterns that cascade up and down. “Manhattan” lacks the punchiness of the first two cuts, but shares its own aspect of constant tones/drones while its other assorted pieces and parts work in tandem. It veers more into the tech side of tech house than the other 2 cuts, but overall any of its 3 cuts are likely to work within a variety of mixing styles.

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Redshape – Kung Fu by Delsin Records