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Peverelist: Dance Til The Police Come / Fundamentals (Hessle Audio)

Another reliable 2-tracker from the Hessle label. Producer Tom Ford hails from Bristol and treats us to two jumpy dub-tech crossover tracks. “Dance Til The Police Come” is frenetic with its staggered kicks, layered hihats and cymbals and other various percussion patterns. Chords propel the track along with sweeping melodic pads and an alarm-like synth loop — as its title suggests, this is one to make you move, the music demands it! “Fundamentals” is more spacious, less immediate. For anyone familiar with Shackleton’s releases, “Fundamentals” is not so far-off — a vaguely tribal angle, full of hand-drum samples alongside punchier snares and kicks. Loads of effects blow this out wider than the first cut, picking up some of the essence of dub without actually making direct references to the genre otherwise. It’s a nice and spacious complement to the other track, working well as a pair.

Watch/listen: Dance Til The Police Come

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