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The Miracles Club: Light Of Love (Ecstasy)

This four-song EP from Portland’s own The Miracles Club is a nice nod to the current revival of late 80s/early 90s acid house. Most of that frame of reference is in the drum programming, especially the two different remixes of “Chango” that complete the second half of playback. The title cut is a definite standout, if only because it’s the only bona fide pop song to be found here. It has references to dance music trends of the past and present (some of those are one and the same). It begins with shimmering synth pads and then a warmly familiar acid house rhythm tracks kicks in. Vocalist Honey Owens contributes a dreamy lead, making this the cut with the clearest pop appeal. But perhaps more fun is the straight-up tribute to acid house, “Jack Your Body,” with its infectious, bouncing bassline and stuttered vocal samples. It’s irresistible and would sound great on a loud PA. White Rainbow contribute an epic take on “Chango,” clocking in around 9 minutes and faithful to The Miracles Club’s use of throwback drum programming but with several added layers of drones and shoegaze density. It’s a handsome combination, a sort of abstracted companion to the glowering pop of the title cut. Very nice stuff!

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