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Mikkel Metal: Pamon 403 (Echocord)

Techno master Mikkel Meldgaard returns for another tasty 12" of tunes, this time returning to Echocord. The label’s penchant for smooth, minimal techno carries through here as well, combining that aesthetic with Meldgaard’s knack for melancholy hooks. A-side “Ripe D” is deceiving in its simplicity, with plenty of little details in its hihats and effects serving as accents to the repetitive bassline and melodic pattern. “Around You Again” turns up the funk a bit with a more rousing bassline and a chorused-out drum pattern, lending a touch of old school rave to an otherwise reductive jam. “Gavin” brings it back to the smooth minimal sleekness of the A-side with a repetitive series of melodic phrases. It’s a fairly interesting (if a bit utilitarian) crossroads of the post-rave revival, minimal techno, blissed out nĂ¼-trance and more, fitting neatly within both Meldgaard and Echocord’s repertoires.

Watch/listen: Ripe D

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