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Illum Sphere: Dreamstealin’ (Tectonic)

Absolutely fascinating slab of new music from talented Manchester act Illum Sphere. The A-side is by far the main attraction here; “Dreamstealin’” is a highly unique, hard to categorize track that starts with sputtering string samples, buzzing open fifths that give way to an uptempo groove that’s generally rousing and exciting. In its final moments, the track distills into a synthy downtempo track, a comedown that’s immensely satisfying as its own little idea. “Blood Music” comes in two versions… Illum Sphere’s original track is another double-time jam carried by a fat synth bassline and a flurry of odd samples that manage to complement each other well. Indigo’s remix of the track is less manic and cleaner, more crisp. It has a bit more room to breathe and still reflects the sounds of the original, but it does lack that special spark that makes both of the originals so damn exhilarating. I’m eager to hear what’s next!

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