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Arkist & Komonazmuk: Outbreak / Until Next Time (If Symptoms Persist)

The A-side of this 2-track EP is a collaboration between Arkist and Komonazmuk, and it’s a jaunty electro-tinged dancefloor track, pretty straightforward but infectious in its repetition. The simple melody is hard to shake, looping through much of the release. Arkist produced “Until Next Time” as a solo track on the flipside, ditching some of the more tech-house and electro inspired sounds of the A-side and instead opting for a breakbeat, drawing inspiration from 2-step, dubstep and drum & bass. The combo of a slower groove with the syncopated breaks that rest atop is a nice one, allowing the track to veer between half and regular time with relative ease. Pick it up for the A-side, though — it’s the one that really shines — and then let the B-side bring you down.

Watch/listen: Outbreak

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