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Brendan Moeller: Close Up (Delsin)

Nice fat techno tracks from NY-by-way-of-South Africa producer Moeller. The A-side splits the difference between German schaffelfieber and dubby techno, bouyant and confident. The B-side “Mobility” is less punchy, a nice mid-tempo roller that has the bubbly ease of classic Basic Channel techno. It’s a more straight-up four-to-the-floor and fits the bill if you’ve ever heard “dub techno” applied to a track before certainly, but that’s not to take away from how nice it is. There’s even a bonus added layer of surface noise to give it that added dub hiss without detracting from the clarity of the sound. Handsome work, multi-purpose depending what sort of set you’re looking to integrate this into.

Watch/listen: Close Up

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