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Asusu: No Kya (Project Squared)

The A-side is pretty no nonsense… a nice dubby broken beat track characterized by that jerky 2-step/dubstep hybrid sound that is currently en vogue. The tight percussion tracks are balanced well with smooth delayed synth chords that recall the deep dubby pulse of Rhythm & Sound or Maurizio. It’s definitely a creeper, succeeding by merit of its own repetition. F (aka Florent Aupetit) remixes the track as the B-side, and kicks everything up a notch. The result is a much more immediately banging track, with a pronounced 4/4 kick that anchors the rest of the elements quite nicely. It all comes together beautifully halfway through, when suddenly all its disparate elements click together in a new way.

Listen/watch: No Kya (F Remix)

Buy it: iTunes | Boomkat