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TRG: Tower Block (Hemlock)

This 2-track 12" eschews much of the crossover appeal of Cosmin TRG’s “Now You Know” from earlier this year. That collection of tracks drifted between more aggressive dubstep breaks and club tracks with breezy ease, but here TRG’s buckled down and honed in on primarily a jerky, jittery combo of future garage and techy dubstep. “Tower Block” is an odd one, full of high end percussion and twitchy syncopation, start off sparsely but eventually crowding in to catch enough of a groove to encourage some movement. I like that virtually all sense of bassline or melody is entirely percussive, featuring what could best be considered synthesized woodblocks and lots of digital “pops” with just the right amount of decay. The B-side is “Béton Brut” which begins with a similarly disjointed rhythmic structure. But stick with it and when you least expect it a full-on club beat kicks on, adding an accessibility to this that may be a little more friendly for dancefloors — it suggests the crossover appeal of some of his other output without going full tilt.

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