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Infinite Body: Carve Out the Face Of My God (Post Present Medium)

It starts with a murmur and then we’re off…. the opening track of Infinite Body’s latest is like watching a fog rolling in, getting closer and closer until suddenly it’s surrounded you. It’s aptly titled “Dive,” immersing you in a wall of static but then resolving into a nice cyclical pattern of synth pads, helping lend some shape to the cloud of sound. Other tracks focus on either side of the spectrum, with some focusing on loops of strings, some in the midrange of unresolved chords that drone, and some in the louder, hazier, more distorted end of things. The combination of these elements brings to mind the more abstract, most compelling age of Boyd Rice’s Non project in the 80s (Blood & Flame era). Most of the music on this album has a warmth to it that is inviting rather than alienating, even at its noisiest. My favorites are the ones that are more cyclical and hazy, like “Sunshine” or especially “Out to Where I Am,” but the whole thing works well as a vibrating set of tracks. Fans of the grey area between ambience and fuzzy noise will likely enjoy this.

Watch/listen: Dive

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