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Egyptrixx: Battle for North America (AAAHH! Real Monsters)

On this four-tracker, Egyptrixx changes up the tried & true formula of electrohouse by crossing over into other areas of dance music. The main title cut is a catchy one, but it’s perhaps best treated as a DJ tool because the main melodic phrase is overly repetitive. “Hexagon Ya” shifts focus into the half-tempo world of dubstep, but my favorite cute is the third, “Phones.” Its spry synth lines and syncopated gurgles are just as nice on headphones as they are moving a floor; it also features a nice melodic post-rave breakdown that provides a bit of a breather from the main groove. “Drive U Crazy” picks up where “Phones” left off with a more obvious house slant, combining elements of the other tracks on the EP with a smooth chord progression that goes down easily. Overall it’s a good, functional set of tracks that could work in a variety of mixing styles, but they also work quite well for at-home listening in my opinion.

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