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Horror Inc.: Aurore (Haunt Music)

It seems like it’s been ages since fans heard from Marc Leclair a.k.a. Akufen a.k.a. Horror Inc. In fact Discogs shows his last output being under his own name in 2005. He’s quietly returned under his less-used Horror Inc. alias for a nice little EP of chill, moody tech-house tracks. Anyone who’s heard his other output under the alias won’t be surprised, but those expecting the diced up Todd Edwards-inspired house of Akufen will be disappointed. This is a much more subtle affair, although Leclair lets one of his signature buoyant house basslines roam on the title cut, and hearing that is incredibly satisfying. “Dans La Nuit” ups the ante slightly with brass and strings integrated, lending it a jazzy quality that recalls the techier moments of Matthew Herbert’s Ĺ“uvre.

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